Melting in Heat

I apologize to anyone who is a regular reader of my posts, but there is only one good reason behind it-the heat.

It seems that the struggle to get out and not have the fur girls or me melt for our quick walks, and then bring us back in to try to recharge,well,it wears one out.It really has wiped us all out, but then again, in this heat,who isn’t wiped out?

My personal theory is the weather will change when school starts and then rain will make recess disappear.



Joys on Recess Inside

Since it still is windy out side, I have been treated to future politicians and capitalists in motion

The boys are hiting up everyone to buy something from their “store”. Using toy computers,I actually had to sign my name,” Mrs.Mar”, in order to purchase my toy Lego car.

I guess I’m sprung: one of the little guys just closed his computer and announced the store is closed.

My kind of shopping…

Recess Inside

Jeez, where’s the sun, my little guys want to know .

Amazing for my days out, to be in here with 6 guys with pent up energy.We made sombrero cookies for cinco de Mayo.Later on we made 6 individual piñata for the boys.

God bless these parents. Tonight they’ll have these boys coming unglued. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping well.