Off to Work I go

Well, the first holiday is over, and Christmas is around the corner.

I am back to work tomorrow, and this is it for me until I get the all clear from the ophthalmologist. I have learned in little time, that children, especially small ones, are germ magnets. I want nothing to find its’ way into me to mess up my healing from the cataracts. When I had gone to my appointment with the ophthalmologist, I thought I had been perking a case of pink eye, but instead it was another type of infection in my left eye. I am taking drops and warm compresses so it will be clear for surgery on December 19th. I had one big pink eye bout when I first started and I try to avoid it if I can. Those of you who work with little ones know the runny nose-no tissue situation, so you get up, go get tissues, and hand them to the student. You can go and put anti-bacterial gel you want, if the germs were meant for you, well, what can I say?


The Beat Goes On….

Made it through my first day of pre-K 4 year olds.

I always remember that old chestnut,”God forgive my little joke on Thee and I’ll forgive Thy big one one me.” 

 Cancer denied me a chance for children, and after dealing with kindergarten youngsters, well, I figure God was giving me a taste  of it. The children are sweet but also a challenge. The key is to let them express what they are feeling. Like grown-ups, they like to be heard.

So we’ll go through another stretch and hope things are well, and all that good stuff like pink eye stays far away!

The View from the Window

After spending the morning at Urgent Care for a bad sinus infection and pink eye, aka conjunctivitis, gratis of my kindergarten pals, I find myself again sitting looking out the window.

I am losing my pleasure at it.

The girls aren’t having much fun either.

Jim is out celebrating our friend’s 70th birthday on a boat ride in Delaware Bay followed by a dinner. I am feasting on chicken broth and boiled chicken.Hmmm…what’s wrong with this picture?

When I am well enough to return to work, even though I have stock in hand sanitizer, suffice it to say, I am going to be really careful!

Now if only the students will work with my plan.