Drawing to a Close

As September draws to a close, my time at physical therapy is also ending as of tomorrow.

It’s not that I am not appreciative of the exercises learned or of the pain endured to get my shoulder right again, but I’ll be sleeping a little later when it normally would have been a physical therapy day. Getting up that early brought flashbacks back to getting ready for work when we were in the city. I am hoping that I’d don’t need physical therapy again for a long while.

Kasia and I have been walking steadily more and more as the winds pick up and cold fronts come through. We are not getting any seasonal color change in the trees yet, but we walk to a point where I can brush her coat out and make way for her winter coat to come in.

I have shut some of the windows for the night.The only thing left is to find my autumn nightshirt for bed.

Good night!



Just got home from caregiving for my friend, who is 94 years old.  I am also due to work with him tomorrow, too.

It’s exhausting. It’s also incredible that even with my Mom gone 5 years, you can fall back into caregiving so easily. Part of the reason is rather simple. I try to treat them as I would want to be treated at that age. Usually, they are lonely and are happy to  have some one to converse with, as opposed to talking about them, over them, or ignoring them. After that, the rest is rather easy. Cook for them, clean up for them, help with whatever they need. My motto, or mantra? ” There but for the grace of God go I.”

I am ready for bed, as tomorrow is another busy day, complete with a 7am start at physical therapy for my shoulder. In the meanwhile, I am vegging out watching Oceans’ Eleven before bed.

Good night!


So I should be happy: the x-rays show no impingement in my knees. However, down here, they only know how to treat with one thing…physical therapy.

Really? I’ll be stuck with therapists who really don’t give a rat’s ass about you, except to process your encounter sheet for payment from insurance. It is the times like this that I wish I were back in the city, where the therapists actually care about you.

I am going to call insurance tomorrow and see what lousy spot I have to go to for therapy. They never send you anyplace convenient for you. I guess if I am ever blessed to get to Medicare, then I can go see whoever I want to.

They wonder why patients get depressed. Walk a mile in my shoes, doc, and you’ll see my pain.

One of Those Weeks

Physical therapy was my first stop of the week and that was this morning.

There is another appointment on Wednesday with those folks, and they are busy taking measurements of my ankle and foot, as my referral is up on Wednesday and on Thursday I get the joy of having to go up to Somers’Point to see my Orthopedic doctor, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get sprung out of the physical therapy prison.

My foot still doesn’t feel right, but I think to the fact that it was August 31st when it was diagnosed with the tendonopothy.It’s a heck of a while to be going through this. I am hoping that we can figure something else out, especially since I am due to work for a day on the 23rd and on January 18th, hoping my foot is ok enough to get through a day.

It’s after reading what I have just written that I don’t wonder why I am waiting for February 1st. I am sure I’d enjoy the holidays if I was more in the frame of a well body to enjoy them.Don’t get me wrong; I will as best as I can, but the ghost of Christmas past make me so wistful.

Keeping moving

Between physical therapy and my flip fitness class and getting to and from work, plus walking the girls, I try to keep moving.

Jim added a wee bit to that today.

He cleared out the cottage that we lived in every weekend for five months and actually set up my recumbent bicycle for me. I have been warming up in therapy on it for ten minutes before going on to my exercises so I actually used mine today.In therapy it is on slight tension, and I replicated it here, so hopefully I won’t be too sore tomorrow.

It feels good to have done the ten minutes today, and just as a thumb to nose gesture to myself,I did an extra thirty seconds, well, just because. Hopefully this is a step in reclaiming a home life that isn’t quite so depressing, a home life that will put us back in lockstep with the life we had at our old house that was pretty damn good.

**fingers crossed**