Cables’ Saving Grace for Saturday Night

Sure, Friday night sucked with only M*A*S*H on for comfort.

Thanks to my PBS station, I am catching a rerun of the “Concert for George.” The friends of the late George Harrison got together on the one year anniversary of his passing, as a salute and fund raiser to my favorite Beatle.

Mind you, I grew up a Simon and Garfunkel, David Cassidy, Osmonds, Jackson 5 , Bobby Sherman fan. Like everyone else, sure I liked the Beatles. I mean who didn’t?

It wasn’t until the first time I caught this concert that I realized how much I enjoyed George’s music.It was 2002 when they played the concert in Royal Albert Hall, and it was tremendous.

The late Tom Petty was on the stage playing “Taxman” and Traveling Willbury music. It was so enjoyable, and bittersweet now that they are all gone. My favorite song, “All things must pass” was done to perfection.

I know there’s a lot going around about the James. Cordon carpool spot featuring Sir Paul McCarthy right now, and I thought it was excellent, but this concert had secured George’s spot in my heart.

Happy to be in on this first rainy Saturday night of Summer 2018.


In the wee small hours…

So to follow-up on yesterday’s post, the web, being a curse and a blessing,had me icing my sore hip last night and early this morning.It helped alleviate the discomfort a wee bit, but…

Who did I find while I was icing?

Martha Stewart.

Yup, Martha was on PBS at 3am with “Martha’s cooking class”…the things they have on television at that hour…lol.

I was a big Martha fan back in the day, when I was younger and the Food Network was only a twinkle in Comcast’s eye.I watched her show, I had her cookbooks, and subscribed to her publication, Hey, I had to: after all, wasn’t she a Polish girl who made good? I figured maybe some of that Polish karma would rub off on an ethnic sister…lol…as Martha’s motto went.” It’s a good thing.”

It is amazing how the Food network ran over her, and the fact that she had some time in prison certainly gave FN some leverage.Funny, but I remember when she was on trial, and thinking her image was shot in my mind.Yet this morning, here she was, many Imclone years behind her and probably a facelift or two in her wake.Have I missed her? Not really. She will always have played a part in developing my culinary interests, and this morning, she gave me a quick trot down memory lane.

Dzienkuje, Martha!