Road Show

For giving the gift of life, that is, giving blood, my employer offers 4 hours free time in appreciation.

Translation: it’s Friday, I’m in the office to give blood, and leave at 12:30, without losing comp or vacation time.It’s what I have to do to keep my streak of Friday time going, and if I have to give blood, well, so be it.

Hope you have a good weekend. Jim is left packing up the pups and car since I am in the office and once he comes in town to pick me up?

Let the roadshow commence!


Working for the weekend

Sometime before I turn 65, I hope to relax on a Friday.

People have often told me how jealous they are of Undisclosed and our ability to go there. What folks don’t realize is we try to dean up here Thursday night and Friday.After that comes the packing.Dirty clothes for washing over the weekend, food to restock the pantry,clean clothes,things that we’d need down the house and the like.

In short, It’s a job.

Comes Sunday I have to reverse the procedure and multiply it by the fact the, quite frankly, you just don’t want to come back to the city.Last summer we thought we’d never have to ride in shore traffic again, and yet here we are,repeating the process.

Come on, retirement!


Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

The loves of my life, aka my family, and I are heading out to see our buddies in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

We were going to leave a little earlier, but I should know better:whenever we go somewhere it is like packing a trailer.The girls know a road trip is the offing, because they have seen me pack. Now all that is left is Mom and Dad to shut off the computers and get moving.

Be safe this weekend and have a wonderful St.Valentine’s Day. A special shout out to my buddy, Duch,who has a birthday today…

I’ll check in with you, hopefully, through the weekend.

Stay warm!


Packing and Wrapping

Last night, I started to clean out my Mom’s china closet. I am taking her china with us
to the new house, and will basically use it as everyday dishes: I hate not to take
and/or use them,as they are pretty dishes, and I was there when Daddy bought them for her.

I had my pile of newspaper and open boxes ready to go, and Jim was trying to get me
to go faster.When you have no emotional tie to things, or the memories attached to
them, sure it’s easy to hurry, but I couldn’t. I also came across my Mom’s last pair
of glasses. I dropped them off this morning in a Lion’s box, where they are collecting
them for the poor.

Just when you think you can handle saying good-bye, even after the fact, well, I can
attest the lump comes right in the middle of my throat and the eyes well up.

I know….it has to be done.**sigh**



It’s incredible how when you are a kid, time goes so slowly.

By your 50’s, I have no clue where the time went.

Transitions in life are always hard, for me, at least. I envy those who
seem to go through them gracefully.

We are moving along, and we work every night on our respective areas.
Granted, Jim had less stuff than me, so, he’s almost done. I give myself
a little more wiggle room, as there is Zush and Kasia stuff that I
need to take care of. The washer that we are going to isn’t too
sporty, so while I still have mine, I am going to wash away.

If only I could go straight down to point “C” without stopping
at point “B”

Prayers and good thoughts always appreciated.


Amazing.. being stuck in the big city just one weekend makes you love the fact that a weekend of Undisclosed location seem like Nirvana.

Just couldn’t stay in bed this morning, so it was to my advantage to get on up and get the day started.I made some cookies to take down because we are hosting game night tomorrow night. All I really have to do is finish laundry, pack on up, walk the girls and wait for Jim.

Enjoy your weekend …I know I will!