Fall in

Out this morning and it definitely had a feel of autumn in the air. 

I was in a hoodie and was just comfortable.The clouds in my coffee matched the clouds in my sky, and the furgirls and I took it all in.

Looking forward to weather, the flannel sheets are on the bed, even though I have one or two windows open to sneak some fresh air in.

We are getting ready for a big weekend. Our Property Owners Association had their pancake breakfast tomorrow morning and we have a Moose picnic tomorrow afternoon. Most social activity we have had in a long time….whoo-hoo!


Autumn -hopefully around the corner

Today is the type of day that has the promise of fall written all over it.

The windows are open, air conditioning is off,blanket is back on the bed, and it is a pleasure not to be mopping sweat all of the time. When the girls and I were out walking, the flowers that we saw back in June when we first relocated are showing their wear.The only thing that would make it awesome is to see the first leaves turn , but I know that is yet to be.

A buddy of mine has her almost seven-year old son as a barometer of passing time. When you have only your family as a barometer, well, we just watch the seasons change and are grateful that we are all still here together to see it and take it in.

Enjoy your Friday!