Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

To support mental health, I decided, while walking the girls this morning, to go get my hair done today.
This was my before shot. Those of you that know or remember me of late realize this is, pretty much, my standard haircut. When I was working two summers ago,I grew my hair out. I got tired of that quick.
This is my after shot. I think it’s funny that I have a nicer smile in the first shot with the old haircut than I do with the second. The second shot is the shorter new cut. It’s a psychological thing with me. Short hair is the only thing that’s neat on me when I am not working.

I was lucky to get the appointment today, as I figured I’d beat all the people who want to come in and get styled for St.Valentine’s Day. Us old married folks, well, isn’t every day supposed to be St. Valentine’s Day?

Just asking.

Can’t swing it

Loss is loss is loss.

Sure you leave one house and have a new house in the offing doesn’t mean that going through the
house of your late parents, the house both your parents passed in, well, for one party it is
the house that you have more loss in.

People who still have family or never experienced the sense of loss that I have will
never swing the feeling I am going through. Perhaps it is something that only women
my age have experienced. I mean people go and leave their home and go away and have
no trouble experiencing life. Maybe it’s just a question of having this occurrence that
happens to me know pulls me ‘down the rabbit hole.”

Let’s up I can get up again.

Not feeling it today..

It’s a beautiful day today.

We are still busy, but dealing with a possible 590,000 people will make you busy.

I’m still hacking and at work.

A BFF is having newly hatched-possible caregiving issues with her Dad.

Another buddy is on the verge of having to put a fur child down….

I don’t know if it’s the medicine or what but my nerves are shot and I feel as though if here was the edge,I’m THISCLOSE to it.
Adding insult to injury is the fact that I am here in the city this weekend and I HATE IT.

**Climbing down from soapbox**

Thank you for your support…lol


Getting out of Dodge

The girls and I patiently are waiting for Daddy to get home. It has been a long week, and we all are in need of our good neighbors and the comfort of the Undisclosed location. The girls know that there’s a lot of walking coming, and I am getting set for St. Patricks’ day. Now if only Jim can relax, it’ ll all be good.

Have a good weekend!