Give the Boot the Boot

God, If I only could….

The break is in two bones in my left foot. It ended up in a boot on Friday the 13th.

**read bad mojo here**

I have taken to wearing long black yoga pants in an attempt to keep the boot from irritating my leg. I am on an antibiotic to act as a prophylactic for potential cellulitis.

Next week I have a three day stretch of medical testing making my mind just spin crazy.

Signing off now to think good thoughts…


Hey? Yo? Refer This!

So it’s bad enough that I have to go for my medical test this Thursday.

I got a phone call this morning from the surgery center where this is taking place. I was listening to the woman and thinking to myself, why would the surgery center be calling me?


OK, I have a HMO. No big deal. I am used to, by now, to asking for referrals. Doctors, specialists, x-rays, I have gotten referrals for them all.

For a surgery center?

I can hardly wait to see what else needs a referral.