Old School Summer TV

If you read this blog with any regularity, .you know of my fondness for the TV detective series, Colombo, starring the late Peter Falk. In my area, the Hallmark mystery channel runs it in the morning at 8 AM and ME TV runs it on 8 PM Sunday nights.

In this age of NCIS, Criminal Minds, and all the shows which show the actual blood and guts and violence, it is a pleasure to use my mind to try to figure out the. whodunnit of the plot. You don’t always need to see the violence. Isn’t real life bad enough?


Billboard Music Awards…

I can’t believe I am watching Brittany Spears on the Billboard Music Awards singing ” You gotta work, Bitch.”

Really? Am I that old? She remade Joan Jett’s I love Rock and Roll?Guess I have been in a coma.

I really have turned in because of Madonna’s alleged tribute to Prince.

This is what I get for turning off the Food Network for a few hours.Guess the Columbo rerun on ME TV is looking really good.