Feeling It

My neighbor is 96 years old, and pretty much blind due to macular degeneration. He still goes and gets shots for it, and sits on top of the television to see Eagles and Phillies games, so maybe partially blind is a better term.

Anyway, when I am home I usually get their mail for them and walk it across the street. Today, he asked me, since it is just you and me, why don’t you tell me what’s going on. He told me the last few times I had been over, I sound like I have a lot going on.

Incredible, is what I thought. No one else would listen to my voice to hear my angst. I had a good talk with him, and came back home with some sage advice. I can only hope I am wise enough to follow it.



My age shows up a lot.

It’s Sunday morning and I am watching Flea Market Flip. On comes a commercial for Indeed, which, I assume, is the on line version of want ads. I remember looking for jobs in newspapers circa 1979. I remember going into center city, filling out applications and later going in for interviews.

Now, evidently, the entire job process, pretty much, is on line. I woud assume you still get called in, or maybe have a Skype call for an interview. No more waiting for a letter in the mail to let you know.

Glad  I don’t need to go through this anymore.

Nothing or Something 

A buddy of mine is attending a wedding this afternoon.As she is my neighbor, I am helping her out by letting her dog out for a few hours after her handyman leaves.

My other buddy flew to the islands for a week. I am picking up her mail for a week.

Jim took advantage of a pause in the action to go hiking by the beach.

I got a call from my buddy Kath and they are coming down for a day trip.

Nothing like having a full plate: life is good!