I finally figured out why I like Law and Order Criminal Intent.


Part of the NBC Sunday night mysteries in the early seventies, the Columbo series, starring Peter Falk, later was picked up by ABC for a bit, and then was cancelled.

We just sat and watched an episode of Columbo,and Blythe Danner was one of the stars of the episode.For anyone not familiar with her, she is now known for her osteoporosis commercials and being Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother.

Anyway, the similarities between Columbo and Law and Order Criminal Intent are what struck me. The nuances in the plots are enough to make anyone’s grey cells work. Good story line, excellent acting…they just don’t make them like that anymore.


Hitting a Wall

I am tired.

News flash, right?

Seriously, I need to get my act together and get back to unpacking and donating and washing and trying to figure out what to keep and what to trash.

Did I mention I hate moving?

The first 2 weeks it gave me something to focus on, and it was ok.Now we are almost at the one month mark and I went into the middle room, looked at it and closed the door and went back out. I mean, seriously….there has got to be a better way. I have convinced myself that a chunk of tomorrow will be dedicated to getting in there and clearing some of it out.I admit, it didn’t help today that my favorite show, Law and Order Criminal Intent, was on today which kept me toward the front of the house.I am going to try Netflix on my Kindle tomorrow and hopefully it’ll get me back in motion of fixing the house up right.

Film at 11.


First Position

Since living in limbo, aka, my mother’s house until we move, I have been looking at Netflix.

A lot.

it has been awesome to catch up on old favorites like Columbo and my favorite of the L&O series, Law and Order Criminal Intent. There is one movie that I have been watching over and over when I have a need for background distraction. It is an independent film called First Position and it is, you guessed it, about ballet.

I had futile attempts at ballet as a youngster. Let’s just say grace was never my strong suite, as my brothers can attest. When I was single and when we were in different offices, I really got into ballet music. I enjoy classical on occasion but there is something about the story behind the different ballet stories.

If you appreciate ballet or follow it, and you haven’t seen “First Position”, give it a try. It is a pretty good independent ballet film.