It was 20 years ago today….

with apologies to the Beatles….

I had my first cancer diagnosis 20 years ago today.

I thank God, Charles Dunton, M.D.,currently of Lankenau Hospital, and his protocol
for starters: they got me through it-the chemo, radiation, radiation implant,and
surgeries.The nursing staff of the oncology floor of Jefferson Hospital were also
awesome.Top it off with a supportive family, and I am still here today.

Thanks, God.




I have to leave the realm of canter city and go out to a suburban hospital.

Of course,I would only have a 22 degree day to go out into the wilds for. I
need to go because it’s a yearly visit , so there’s no excuse for not going.
My excitement just got wetted because it is the first time I’ll be on a bus
with THREE digits( meaning suburbia)

It’s the little things…

Back where I started

I am returning to the scene of the crime this morning.

My current Gyn/Oncologist moved from center city to the far Northeast . Dr. Charles J. Dunton , who treated this almost stage three gal 19 years ago, has graciously agreed to take me on again. He left the city a long time ago, and is now affiliated with Lankenau hospital.

Successfully being treated for cancer and ever- mindful of the fact, it feels like I have come home. A lot of the staff have been with him for a while.

Here’s hoping for a good visit.