Cutthroat Kitchen Holiday 

I usually make chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter cups and candy bars for my neighbors as their Christmas present. I even made pizelle and chocolate chip cookies this year. Well, tonight,I finished it all up.

To relax I put the food network on and am watching my favorite show,Cutthroat Kitchen.Now they are running the holiday versions of the show.

I have enjoyed Alton Brown, the host, from his early days on the network, especially for his wit.The premise of the show is to get four chefs and put them through a ton of sabotages.In short, when your back is aching from working in the kitchen,watching these chefs takes the ache away because you’re laughing a lot. 


Top Chef

I, until tonight, was a Top Chef virgin.

We share one television here and I came home deciding I needed to chill.After surfing, I came on the Esquire channel, which was featuring a Top Chef finale.

I recognized a few of the people on the panel from their various appearances on food related channels,commercials or magazine articles.The set up seems to be Seattle, as opposed to Food Network’s New York city.Maybe it’s because I am partial to Alton Brown.It’s as if Top Chef is the Food Network on speed.I think that I am behind the eight ball because I haven’t been following, but it gives me this impression.Top chef is for youngsters, meaning cooks in their twenties and thirties.I think that Food Network aims for me, a cook in their fifties who isn’t interested in speeding around the kitchen.We want chefs who are like us, who show us things that we want to pick up and try in our kitchen.Top Chef is a little bit too serious.

Food Network? Their friendly brother, in my humble opinion, speaks my language.

Sorry Top Chef.