I met Ronald McDonald last night after the Christmas Parade.

Yes, I know… Ronald McDonald?

He was there in all his glory and you know what? He was an awesome guy. 

Jim and I watched his interaction with people and he was very sociable and kind. Yes, I know, part of the job, but he genuinely was nice and a joy to talk to.When talking to the two of us, he was articulate and funny.

We got to see the reaction from kids and it really tickled us. They knew him from the television, had big smiles for him, and it reminded me of Art Linkletter’s” Kids say the darnedest things.” He had worked some magic tricks for them and they were intrigued.

Granted, I never expected to meet him, but a nicer ambassador for the company McDonalds’ never had.


Three days…

of prison at work.

Oh well, they were kind enough to schedule me for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so the bright side is my weekend good, er, at least until Saturday.It’s hard because at the register, you literally are like a veal, stuck in the cage of a register. Me? I sneak out with the price gun to ring up people’s soda cases and spring water cases so I have an excuse to move 10 steps over and 10 steps back.Today during break, I walked back to the bakery to find no one there and then in the back of the store to find out the scheduling was done because a new bunch of “kids” hadn’t gotten their register training done yet.

I have a distant neighbor who comes to the job and acts as though she is my nearest and dearest, and she didn’t talk to me before I had this job. She runs an illegal day care here and I am just waiting for something to happen to ship her out.

This job has lost any entertainment value, especially when I am on the front end .Suffice it to say, I am looking for one to replace it.