Kasia’s Constitutional Right

…..and I am sure Zush is exercising her right in heaven. What right, you might ask, is constitutional to pups? Well, especially down here this time of year, in Undisclosed Location, it would be the right to sniff and then pee on a pile of leaves.

My neighbor asked us if we were going for a walk, and I corrected him and said stroll.

You see, we are leashed up as we leave the yard, and normally there’s our choice of ways to go. Now, it is as if Kasia is on autopilot, and Zush used to be too. Find the pile, sniff for other dogs, skunks, cats, raccoons,squirrels , or any other animal that might have been there. You have to give her enough time to sniff, and when she’s done, she leaves her calling card behind.

This is the face of Kasia, the leaf queen. She’s checked to be bug free, as I learned early on is the ground is still warm underneath the leaves.Bugs like warmth. That’s why we check.

I am blessed to have the one-on-one time with my girl. I especially enjoy it now, because she gets a little sad when the leaves get picked up. Then, we are back to normal.


Mushy Gal

So we have a quiet moment, in the grand scheme of life.

What am I doing with it?

I am watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Call me mushy, call me sentimental, but the angst of life had me looking for a cozy retreat, albeit momentarily. It’s incredible, that even for two hours, I can put life on hold and dive into someone else’s holiday.

Me? I get to sit in my cozy clothes in comfort with Kasia asleep by me, and let the world go hang.

My idea of a little slice of heaven!

Rainy Days and Mondays

It is down-pouring here today.

It is making for some soggy walking for a Mom and her girl. Convenient that the leaves are falling with the rain, as the township is allegedly starting pick-up here next Tuesday.

I am cautious walking, though, because the last thing I need is to slip and fall on wet leaves. It’s incredible how paranoid having titanium knees make you. Grace was never my strong suite,and fear of metal coming out of my knee is always with me.

Hopefully this will taper off soon, and we’ll be able to go outfit another walk, in time for me to get ready to work the polls tomorrow.

Don’t forget to vote, if you live in the United States!

The Kindness of Neighbors

My buddy, Rita, is 81 years old.She is my neighbor directly across the street.

When I hang with Rita, I feel like I’m home. It’s good having an old school neighbor. They call it as they see it and 99.9% of the time they are right.

She has come to love Kasia in her own way. I love her for that. A few times Rita and I talk about stuff and she has refreshed the common sense in my head.

Meanwhile, I am drinking a hot cup of tea with a miniature cinnamon bun she bought me down from a spot up north that we both enjoy.

Thank God for good friends!


As a disclaimer, this picture was taken during the summer.

Kasia has been walked a bit today, as a Nor’easter is coming: in fact, it is starting to rain as I type this. I had to make sure I gave her many chances, because my girl ABHORS rain and wind.

She’ s in and comfortable now, but I know she knows and I know that when we get up in the morning, it’s going to be rough.The winds are due to be 25-50 mph, and I am sure the rain will be down in buckets.

If you find yourself in our umbrella, 😂,tomorrow or Sunday, stay dry and be careful.

Rough Times

It’s rough when you are feeling lousy and it seems that the calls you get are not necessarily uplifting.

When you try to be supportive for people, you always forget that when you need it, there is never no one there realizing I may be just as low as they are.

Here’s the best psychologist I currently have, second only to her late sister.

Whenever I was low, my girls were always there for me to talk to.

So there was my therapy team. They were/are the best. I wouldn’t be here without them.

The Big One

Today, my youngest Godchild is officially one year old. ” Holy Cow”‘,Luca would say. How fast has time flown.

From this little guy in a walker to a one year old with a Barcelona soccer ball.

My standing allegiance has to be to his big brother, Matti, aka Mr. Taffy, as I have seen all his 4 years.

When I came in this afternoon to take these shots, Matti had informed me that the soccer ball was Luca’s. Evidently boundaries had been set…😂

In the meanwhile, mom Bella supervised the birthday boy who had his biscuit in one hand while trying to commandeer Matti’s LEGO’s in the other. A busy afternoon was had by all indeed, except for Kasia.

In honor of his first birthday, she supervised Luca and even let him pet her headache few times gently.

Happy birthday dearest Luca. I was surprised and honored to be your Godmother, and I hope we’ll be in each other’s lives for a long time to come. Jim, Kasia, and I love you to bits!

Sto lat!