It’s Not Wheel of Fortune

In a feeble attempt to keep my mind sharp, I’ve been playing words with friends with a few of my closest buddies. I enjoy playing it, and usually learn something each day until ….today.

I made the mistake of hitting something on my IPhone that completely switched my version of words and, as a result, I lost my games in progress. Arrgh!

I was never an IT professional, but had some classes along the way. Usually, I had programming pals who could steer me in the right direction. Unfortunately, I am, as of January 2nd, retired from my 30 year position I held SEVEN years. Yikes!

So now, I play the “contact us”game. I research on line, trying to find out how to fix up what I messed up. Good thing I am retired, right?



Never Boring

Today, at the office seems to be that way- at least in respect to my phone.

I got turned on to a headset as it relieved a ton of pressure off my neck.
Well, today, my line was really full of static, so the IT guys came in with batteries to fix it. First call I get after they walk away? The caller cannot hear me through the static,

I had to make a service report to come back and try to get rid of the static, and guess what?

Now I have no dial tone……

But I have to say my IT guys are trying and they are the best!