No Place like Home

We are on our way home.

It’s been a long day, which started at 5:30. It is now 7:30 PM. 

We are on the Schuykill expressway now riding bumper to bumper.Some things you never miss.

The girls met a new pup cousin today, but Kasia , part chow and cousin Champ, allegedly part chow need a little more time to get used to each other.

We attended Jim’s Aunt’s funeral, and sadly, you go and note who’s not around anymore.

It’ll be good to be home.Days like today make you appreciate your “home.”

Eleven Years

Tomorrow is our eleventh wedding anniversary.


Hard to believe, although so much has happened in our lives, it has all
happened, so it seems, in the blink of an eye.

Although we had no “human” children, we’ve been blessed with Zosia and
Kasia. We had a beautiful post Victorian twin which we sold this past
June and are actually working toward retirement.We are watching what,
hopefully,will be our last home being built.We’ve buried family and
friends, and have made new ones along the way.It feels as though we have
crammed a lifetime in along the way.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner through life.Jim is truly
my better half.

Happy anniversary Seamus love you with all my heart!


An August 15 years ago

Saturday marks 15 years since my Dad passed away at home. My Aunt and Mom took care of him while I was at work: I had him from 4PM until 6:30am.

I knew I was losing my Dad 8 months earlier. My Dad, who loved to drive, stopped-end of story.
I knew something was wrong.

My Dad was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic stenotic hepatitis.The disease took him away after 8 months.In a way, it was the best and worst time of my life.I was always tight with my Dad,and when someone hands you a full urinal at 2am, well, we would talk until we fell back asleep.
It was a terrible time because my Dad didn’t want to go to the hospital to get drained, which had accompanied the disease.We couldn’t even get him downstairs, he was so blown up. We managed to get him down, and I promised him that if he went that one time, he’d never have to go again.

We kept him home in hospice care from the V.A., and I was glad that we did.I know it gave him some peace that he was home. Roughly 18 months ago, my Mom left from the same house,but her disease was Dementia. I was glad my brother Bob and I kept her in her home.I know she, too, had some peace.

There is not a day, especially of late, that I don’t miss them both. I am grateful they brought me up with a faith that is firm and believes that I will see them again one day.They are both wagging their fingers down at me and my life from heaven….I know I will see them again some day and they’ll still be doing the same thing…lol.

I miss you guys-sleep well.

Mom's last pic
Mom’s last pic

Getting a bit close..

…to my Mom’s birthday.

She would be 90 this Tuesday and it is rough.

We were mother and daughter and occasionally we were partners in crime back in the early days, but this month was the one bond we both had in common-DECEMBER. You see her birthday was the 18th, my nephew Gregory turns 23 on the 19th and I round it up on the 22nd.

I remember how I was watching Mom during one of last year’s hurricane threats and it had turned out that there was actually a tornado watch in the area. What was I going to do? Stay in a closet and watch Mom and her hospital bed get sucked out the window? I made up my mind, and despite whatever the level of the threat was, I sat on the kitchen chair that we kept by her bed and held her hand and talked to her in Polish. I remember thinking to myself that if I were to be hit by lightning or something else happening, it was appropriate, as I was holding the hand of the woman who brought me into this world. How fitting would it be if we left this world together. In short, I was as calm as could be because I was with Mom and knew whatever would happen, we were together.

I know how people always will tell you the first year is the hardest, and I can vouch for a fact that it is. If I can get through the birthday week, however, I’d like to think it’ll be ok. I know she’s with Dad and they are having the 1234 cake that she used to make, and it’ll be a good, heavenly birthday for her.

I just wish it didn’t hurt so much.






We decided to stay in the city this weekend.


We are long overdue for an ophthalmologist appointment, so we scheduled that for Saturday morning. We intend to work on the house over the weekend, trying to clean stuff up and get it into order.

It’s really weird when you spend three-quarters of your time in one spot and a quarter of your time in the other spot. Inevitably, you end up dumping belongings in transit between the two spots, and when you need something, nine times out of ten it is in the other spot. Needless to say, a little organization is also in the works.

It feels strange to “plan” a weekend for here. We’ve lived “here” all our lives and together we have been here ten years.

It’s just that we have gotten so comfortable at Undisclosed. We have taken like the duck to water while at Undisclosed. We look forward to when we leave for there. Shingleman would say to me in the car on a Sunday afternoon/night that we are going home to which I promptly retort,” We WERE home.” Shingleman always says, ” I know.”
In the meanwhile I have sick calls to make for Church tonite, and the girls need some attention.

Friday will be here before you know it!