Two Angels

Sure, everyone who has read my blog knows of my Zush and her passing on the fifth of June.

I was shocked that when I had logged in this morning, a classmate from high school who is active in Animal Rescue lost her sweet pup Pawlee. I don’t know what the circumstances were of his passing, but it really threw me for a loop. It was incredible how it took me right back to Zush.

Both of these pups were the sweetest dogs. Pawlee, or Lord Pawlee as I called him, was a blind but handsome Akita, who was uncle to all of my friend Carla’s foster pups and his sister Tribble. Zush would go with us to see all our older relatives and our buddy in the nursing home. When we would go see him, everyone would want to see Zush, so she made many stops.

I have a hard time accepting that Zush is gone, although I know, realistically, my life will never be the same. Now with Pawlee gone, although I know it’s of little comfort to Carla, but God called two angels up, and that the two of them are meeting in heaven.

Have fun, kids!