Down here in “Amity”, as I like to call it, I went to a 90th birthday party today for a good friend of mine.

Vivian has been so kind to me for the past six years I have known her. She collects the money at the pancake breakfast. Always,Vivian has a kind word for everyone. 

She’s the one with the grey hair and pearls. She try to help fellow knitter and crocheters as best as she can.She is always amazing to talk to in a coversation. One day when I grow up, I want to be just like her!

Here are some shots that before hand, would have had Martha Stewart smiling.

Happy birthday Vivian! I love you!

Giving an inch and taking a mile

Whenever I can, I try to help folks out. I guess it is, kind of, in my nature.

There is a fine line of helping someone because they need your help and then having
them turn around and say that’s great, but this is what I did because I think it would help
me out more than what you are doing.


And you called me in the first place for what?

I can only shake my head and wish this person good luck because doing what he is doing,
he is going to need it.Not that he wouldn’t have needed it with me, but he would’ve needed
less of it. It’s a shame because he called me due to my many years of experience,but just
had to go with a guy.

Good luck, boys! You’ll need it!