Too Damn Hot!

Boy, how I wish that we had some clouds in the sky right now.

Like most of the eastern part of America, we are in the oven for a few days now. Yes, I know it’s July, but when the heat index reads 115, well, I’d like to talk to those who don’t believe in global warming.

You know it’s hot out when even the bay water looks like it could be stock for soup! Yet some folks who have their vacation now are ON the beach. How they can actually stand the heat is beyond me. There are more heat advisories than you can shake a stick at, but just seeing that hot sand?**shaking my head**

Kasia and I walk early in the morning on the shadiest street. Once we take care of business, she’ll turn and look at me as to say,” Air-conditioning…NOW!” I can’t say I blame her.

Here’s hoping for cooler weather and that you are staying cool too!


That’s enough heat

We all are coming back up to the city, and we are listening to the baseball game.

The announcer is talking about heat:: don’t think too many people sitting in stadium open seats need to hear about it. Nor do they want to heat about heat index…I mean why and insult to injury?
The announcer,who is probably in an air conditioned booth, remarked about all the fans have to do is sit in their seats to sweat.

I am sure in the old days, pre-pollution, the heat was hot but not this lousy heat we get today.