I am bingeing on the HBO series “The Jinx”, about real estate millionaire Robert Durst.

They have turned it into a docudrama, but it’s funny how it shows how the judicial system works for the rich.

He was accused of killing an ex-neighbor in Texas, his medical student wife disappeared and he still is a suspect in that, and then there’s a third person, a lady friend who he is accused of murder.It’s kind of sad, that now they are having the wife’s family talk about how they looked for her. Oh,did I mention she disappeared in 1982? Friends stole Durst’s trash and caught him throwing away his wife’s medical books, make-up, clothes.

The reason I put this on is that there was a piece on the news that they stopped him from getting on a plane to Cuba.I assume we don’t have extradition there.It really sounded like a strange case, so I am checking it out….until the Voice is on at 8…lol


Late Night Wars

We are home tonight watching television and we were looking for something different to watch.

We went to on demand and found Late Night Wars on HBO. It told the stories of the early nineties with Johnny Carson retiring, and the war to get Leno or Letterman on the tonight show.

This stuck a chord with me because I love David Letterman and actually saw his show in New York when he was still at NBC. I found his humor a little easier than Leno’s and never really followed Leno on the Tonight Show.

It’s funny that I am watching actors playing the actual people who were involved.They portrayed them, on the whole, pretty well.It makes for a pretty cool trip down memory lane.Now, with Letterman retiring and Leno gone, I like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, both.The view back on the Late Night Wars is worth a quick watch.



Gia Caragi was a girl who was three weeks younger than me. I never knew her. I knew of her as I was in my teenage years reading Glamour, Mademoiselle,and Cosmopolitan.She was a fashion model who had it all, and then lost it to drugs and finally Aids.

I just saw her movie done by HBO which starred Angelina Jolie.I am sure it’s about ten years old, if not older, but watching the movies brought back some memories for me.In the movie they replicated some of the magazine shots they took, and I remember seeing that picture in the magazine.It’s funny to see a piece of my life, albeit a small part, in a period movie.

Her life spanned only 26 years, but, I am glad that I didn’t have the looks that lead to the type of exposure she did. God moves in mysterious ways.

Wednesday Update

The girls and I are hanging around trying to get our day started.

We had a good night and morning, with the advent of the cool front,or Zush off her meds, or a combination of both. Now if I could only get the weather to cooperate, well, the grey in my hair would cut down considerably.

It is a good week to be on vacation. We are enjoying the quiet of the neighborhood, and will probably return back to Undisclosed De

ux later today.It’s kind of funny though, because,you really don’t mind the city when the weather cools and the kids are back in school.

It is a little rough getting started though, because behind the Candelabra is on HBO again. It’s so funny, knowing Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are separated now: as I mentioned in a previous blog-Douglas does such a convincing Liberace, in my opinion, that I’d be wondering about him when he came home if I was his spouse….loll

A Happy New Year to my Jewish friends and to all of you, thanks for good thoughts and prayers for the Zusher. I appreciate it!


Beyond the Candelabra

I don’t know if anyone else caught this movie made for HBO starring Michael Douglas as
Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover, Scott Thorson.

At first I thought, ugh, two male actors in those roles, but as in the teaser they
give for the film, Michael Douglas says you quickly forget who they are as actors and \
how well they pick up the relationship. Both Douglas and Damon are married, so they
portrayed the dynamics of the relationship quite well indeed.You followed their ups
and downs, and the sadness was unavoidable at the end.

It was an awakening for me, as a Polish American girl, who grew up watching
Liberace on the various talk shows, like Mike Douglas and Carson. I mean he
was Mr. Showmanship.I felt this took you into his life and brought his actual
humanity to the forefront.I always enjoyed his music, but now I appreciate
his life.

If you get a chance to see it, it is pretty good, IMHO.

All things must pass..

..and no, this isn’t about the passing of Steve Jobs,although R.I.P. to him, but this is about the music of George Harrison, which I’ve got on my Iphone, adding to Steve Jobs’ estate..

I grew up post-Beatles, or should I say, the Beatles grew up with me. I was a toddler when “She loves You” came out, in fourth grade when Sgt.Pepper came out, and so on.

Fast forward forty years and on my Iphone the Concert for George is playing. After George Harrison died of cancer, his friends, such as Tom Petty and Eric Clapton got together and did a concert as a tribute. There is some good stuff on it, IMHO.

Two nights ago, Jim and I were watching the HBO documentary on George Harrison and it was pretty darn good, and as well it should have been, as it was done by Martin Scorsese. The one thing that struck me, in it, was when George was apprehensive about writing songs, “after all, John and Paul did that: could I do it?”

I am glad you did George. I have gotten into YOUR music and YOUR lyrics, and think you did a helluva job…now if I could only get them out of my head….lol.