So the diagnosis, chapter two, was cellulitis. I never knew anyone with it, so this was a first for me.

I have tried to stay off my legs as best as I could. My nephew, Greg, came down this morning to help me. It was good of him to serve as my second legs. It would seem that I have to take antibiotics for a bit, so hopefully, this will be the end of the story.

There is no Friday five today, just gratitude for the company of my fur girls, Greg and his help and company this morning, and Jim, for always being there for me.

Have a good weekend!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


With the help of my nephew, Greg, I managed to bring in some brownie cupcakes I made for co-workers today,because doesn’t chocolate work?

I am missing Mom and Dad today, who were my first Valentines. I still feel their love every day.

Happy Valentine’s day birthday to my retired pal, Duch, who I hope is having a helluva good first birthday away from the”home”.

I am lucky to have my two furry Valentine children, and of course, my one and only Valentine, Shingleman!

And you, my reader?

Happy Valentine’s day! Thanks for being here reading this. You guys are my daily Valentine!