Trick or Treat

Incredible that I lived on a street that was wonderful for Halloween. We threw parties, had hoagies, beer, sofas and other beverages. It was an awesome time.

It is now 5:35pm and Kasia is at the window waiting for folks who probably will never show up. 

How sad😞

So to Jay,Angel, Frankie, Molly, Catherine,Charlie ,Steve,Claire, Tom, Joanne and everyone on Rochelle Avenue…. I am missing you guys big time tonight! Have fun!


Quality Time

Things have really been sucky during the day.

When I hang out with one of my BFF’s,Denise, at lunchtime, we seldom do anything but stay back at our desks.

Today we didn’t.

We decided to do the poor man’s shuffle to 9th and Market Streets to the Walgreens. We got Easter Candy.
Yeah I know. I don’t NEED Easter candy, but sometimes, it just gives you that little comfort that you need.
We had a good time chatting while we were going over and, if anything, it makes me miss the old days.

Another of my BFF’S, Kathy,made a beautiful egg arrangement for me….what a sweetie!

Enjoy your holiday!