It’s been a long dog’s night

….or day, as it would happen for the next few days.

I managed to go to the pool for a few hours yesterday, but with the National Weather Service air quality warning even for down here, I am going to keep Zush on shortest walks possible.Kasia might be a little longer, but not much. I love the gals and don’t want them getting sick.

The FitBit zip might have to take a hit, because I need to be ok too. It’ll be water for us all, cool salads or sandwich for Jim and just keeping fur girls cool.

If you have elderly neighbors, look in on them in this heat wave. NEVER leave anyone: human or canine, locked up in a hot car. Try to find someplace cool if you have no air conditioning.

Thanks, from Kasia,Zushie & yours truly.


Laying Low

Last night was a bad night.

I don’t know if it was change in temperature or what, but I was hurting and had trouble sleeping. I managed to get a few hours in, but it didn’t take much to have me take the day off, uh,kind of.

I have the Fit Bit Zip on, but Jim has the girls out for a walk now. We have wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h., so I am floating around the house, occasionally sitting with some ice to quiet my aches. It really is weird, as I am used to walking them, and have to admit I feel like a little withdrawal. Hopefully I can keep things together and warm my body up and get back in the swing of things tomorrow.

It’s funny when you are like me and always considered myself a winter person.I guess the law of age and averages kick in to try to convince your body that cold weather likes to be mean once in awhile.


A bit of Fit? Or A Fit Bit?

I bought a zip fit bit to cover my fitness needs while I am healing from my blown out tendon in my knee. My physician seemed to feel that walking was a pretty good way to go.

I just got my weekly email from Fit Bit and found out that since Sunday I have walked 11.81 miles and I went “whoa.”I never realized that.Prior to having my zip fit bit, I have gone through pedometer after pedometer and lost them. This zip Fit Bit clip is securely fit on my clothes.It is accurately measuring my steps and I find that I am trying to meet a 10,000 a day step quota.

Stay tuned.