We are still hanging out….

…that’s me and Kasia, that is. Idiots with fireworks are still at it. It should be illegal, as it’s so dry here and it only takes one spark

So in honor of the holiday we’re watching James Cagney in Yankee Doodle on Turner Classic Movies.Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Calm  Before the Storm

I am sitting out back in the breeze on our deck, and I am truly appreciating the peace and quiet.

Oh, I know the weather is calling for this front to disappear, and I am genuinely sad about that. Realistically, tomorrow is one of my BFF’s birthday. Julie is June 30th and I know it’s time for the hot weather when I get to sing loudly and off key to her,”Happy Birthday,” much to her chagrin!

The other peace and quiet is not for long, as the 4th of July vacation folks will be flooding into town. Noise, smoke pits and beer cans tossed by the side of the natural areas will be common place. Fireworks are  banned in this township and yet sphincters will set them off to upset dogs. Some day before I die I hope the cops enforce the law. There is a huge firework display at the bay, a mere three blocks away. **shaking my head**. Oh, I know, before you give me the line about generating income: I understand that. I just savor this “Undisclosed location” for its’ peace and quiet. Trust me; after 55 years in a major city, this is as close to heaven as I get.

So I am signing off to enjoy the last half hour before the sun sets. 

Stay well.

By the way, I walked down to the bay and took the picture below. It was awesome and peaceful.k

Not Quite a 4th

It’s only the 3rd of July, but most of the homes here,as I like to call, Amity, look like this picture of my neighbor’s house;that is, all decked out in red, white and blue.

Here’s hoping you and your families are happy, blessed, and safe this weekend. Please keep in mind, somehow, maybe your neighbor like me, had pups who hate fireworks. Go see your community fireworks or shoot yours away from pup homes. We thank you!

It’s Here…

We actually were treated to a little bit of a breeze today, and what a welcome surprise that was! I actually was able to walk my girls down to the beach.

The girls were looking at the water wondering if they should go in. They really haven’t had a chance to be at the bay since I started working.

Tomorrow will be rough. I will shut all the windows and put the air-conditioner on and put the tv on as loud as possible in order to save my girls from the”F” word-fireworks!

Late afternoon sky

I have a habit of taking a lot of sunset shots. It could be that our Undisclosed location is on a coast known for its’ sunsets.

The fur girls are with us for a final fling in our old stomping grounds- new ones are coming. So rather than go up in crowds to watch the sunset, we are in the back yard relaxing. There is a bit of a breeze and this way we enjoy nature in our own way. An added plus is Zush hangs with me during fireworks! Less anxiety for my girl.

Enjoy the Fourth!


What holiday?

Tomorrow is the fourth of July.

Yeah, I know.

I live in Philadelphia.

That is why I am happily staying home tomorrow and avoiding the crowds. Fortunately, our house is high enough that we have a pretty good view of the fireworks.

Unfortunately,my Zush, who never had an issue with thunder or fireworks, has developed one over the past 3 years. I will be home with the girl and her sister, trying to comfort all.

Have a safe and happy fourth of July!