Laptop Mocking

Yesterday I wrote about not checking in on Facebook.

What is worse than that is my laptop sits here and mocks me.

I used to sit and be more religious about posting on the blog and checking my email. Uh, ok, maybe later, which becomes two days later.Once upon a time that would have never been me. I would sit in front of this laptop until my fingers would feel as though they were falling off. I just don’t have the inclination I used to have about being on line. Quite frankly, again, my shoulder, along with my forearm, is dictating what I am doing. I probably would be on more, especially if I could figure how to hook up my heating pad on my desk chair.

It’s funny that I no longer sit plastered to the keyboard. You realize things that you could be doing, or, more importantly, SHOULD be doing. I surprise myself in that, when walking past my laptop, I don’t feel the guilt that I should be on there.

It’s a good thing.

Wal-Mart? Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

So, gentle reader, if you’ll think back a little bit you’ll have recalled reading the issue Jim and I have had with Wal-Mart and their credit offer when you get their credit card.

Guess what I just got in my email?

“Enjoy special financing, fuel savings, fraud protection and more. My account
Wal-Mart – Save Money. Live Better. Free shipping. Free store pickup. Millions of items.
Electronics Movies Home Clothing Baby Toys Sports Auto Photo Shop All Departments
Apply Now & Learn More Apply Now & Learn More
Apply Now & Learn More Apply Now & Learn More”


I have sent my posting to all avenues to expose the sham of an offer the Wal-mart does not honor and these sphincters have the nerve to send me this in email?

The fight goes on…..