February Malaise

With occasional barks from Kasia in the bedroom, it’s kind of quiet here.

I have television on, but my mind is with Zush. We both are kind of beat.

It is a gloomy day here. It’s the kind of day that history usually leads us to believe is better spent in bed. As Zush is still quiet and resting, I figure I’ll hold off on our walk till the area of 4pm. We did almost a mile this morning, so we won’t be quite as intense on this one. Still, it is pleasant to go out in the winter solitude, with hardly any cars around to choke us with exhaust as we walk. By the time we get back, it’ll be dinner and we’ll get ready for the night.

Kasia has been extremely good: I can’t help but wonder if she picks up on what’s going on. I do believe animals sense things. We’ll appreciate the coziness of this weather and the evening. After all, isn’t that what girls do?

Two cuppa…

It’s that kind of morning so far.

I’ve had two cups of coffee under my belt and my eyes are clearly rebelling: they’d rather I’d be home on the sofa. with the eyelids drawn.

They are calling for a Nor’easter here with a good chance of snow this afternoon. Of course, it stands to reason I am here until 5PM tonite.


I have my foul weather shoes on and am pretty much prepared but the dreariness of the day isn’t helping me too much.

Friday is coming…..not soon enough for me.

Stay safe today!