Hitting a Wall

I am tired.

News flash, right?

Seriously, I need to get my act together and get back to unpacking and donating and washing and trying to figure out what to keep and what to trash.

Did I mention I hate moving?

The first 2 weeks it gave me something to focus on, and it was ok.Now we are almost at the one month mark and I went into the middle room, looked at it and closed the door and went back out. I mean, seriously….there has got to be a better way. I have convinced myself that a chunk of tomorrow will be dedicated to getting in there and clearing some of it out.I admit, it didn’t help today that my favorite show, Law and Order Criminal Intent, was on today which kept me toward the front of the house.I am going to try Netflix on my Kindle tomorrow and hopefully it’ll get me back in motion of fixing the house up right.

Film at 11.


How tired am I?

Cleaning out the homestead is taking its’ toll.

I have been averaging 5 white bags of donate-able things and one or 2 bags of trash a night. The girls just look at Mom like , “what’s up?”. My good friend Jeanne assures me that they’ll be happy as long as they are with me and Jim. I sure hope so.

We’ll be trying to sort things out as to what goes where, but that will come later. Time to shower and bed .


Working weekend

It was rough being” at home” instead of being down at Undisclosed.

One of my BFF’s,Kath, threw a surprise party for her husband, so we were up here. Trying to get ahead of the situation, we threw a lot of stuff out, a lot into recyclables, and donated a lot of clothes. After all, this house has got to sell before we can go full time to Undisclosed. I am glad we are doing things a little at a time, because leaving things until time to show/sell, well, it’d be a fiasco.

The hard part is having football on in the background : you want to sit and watch the game- not listening while you clean….There’s got to be a better way!