Calm  Before the Storm

I am sitting out back in the breeze on our deck, and I am truly appreciating the peace and quiet.

Oh, I know the weather is calling for this front to disappear, and I am genuinely sad about that. Realistically, tomorrow is one of my BFF’s birthday. Julie is June 30th and I know it’s time for the hot weather when I get to sing loudly and off key to her,”Happy Birthday,” much to her chagrin!

The other peace and quiet is not for long, as the 4th of July vacation folks will be flooding into town. Noise, smoke pits and beer cans tossed by the side of the natural areas will be common place. Fireworks are  banned in this township and yet sphincters will set them off to upset dogs. Some day before I die I hope the cops enforce the law. There is a huge firework display at the bay, a mere three blocks away. **shaking my head**. Oh, I know, before you give me the line about generating income: I understand that. I just savor this “Undisclosed location” for its’ peace and quiet. Trust me; after 55 years in a major city, this is as close to heaven as I get.

So I am signing off to enjoy the last half hour before the sun sets. 

Stay well.

By the way, I walked down to the bay and took the picture below. It was awesome and peaceful.k

They’re Back

This morning, while it was still early, I got the girls out for their walk.

Oh my!

What a change from yesterday.

I picked a random plate, but….

Not only Pennsylvania, but other plates not normally here from New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Delaware, even South Carolina and Florida…the tourists are back. Walking the girls, the tourists with “their” dogs are making their rounds and it’s pretty sad when you have to remind them of the leash law and picking up after your pup, as Kasia is barking to beat the band and ready to chew up their dog off leash. It’s ok, tourist, I have another shoulder to replace the one my dog is aggravating because you can’t follow the law.

I do not miss packing up for a few days down here, only to have to pack up a traveling road show again in a few days. I can only shake my head when thinking back on those days, our lack of sleep from getting up early to get us back into the city, and am thankful they are firmly behind us.

On the flip side, we, including Zush, were all younger, and things were a little easier, but hey, at least we are all together and taking it all in stride.

Zipping away

There was trauma in Fit Bit Zip land the other day…I actually lost it!

We were at our friend Max and his mom Norina, and I was sitting outside talking to her with the dogs. I knew I had it on all day at work, but was astonished-this never happened to me before.

We searched at home, and I texted Max as it was really the only place we were at. Well, Saint Anthony and Max to the rescue! He found it! It really was a frustrating loss, albeit temporarily, because I had 17,000+ steps on it. 

The problem with the Fit Bit Zip is the back. They have two small pieces of plastic that keep sliding off:Jim glued them once for me, but it seems once you have crossed over to wear on the device, or at least my type of wear,this can be a common malady.

I will be getting back to Fit Bit on this. They always have had decent customer service. I am counting on them! 





If you loved following the epic saga of Jim dealing with his case of the shingles, or Jim starting up our compost, you will love Jim as Paverman.

The yard tends to get a little wet when it rains and when you have two dogs and want to save a floor, you try to get pavers to make a path for the back yard. We went to Lowe’s today to get bricks to accent the pavers and pavers themselves.Jim started the project when we got back and if he feels up to it,and the aches aren’t too bad,he might go back tomorrow to it.It is a hard job, and I do feel sorry when I watch him do it, but his sense of accomplishment when it looks good is overwhelming.

Slowly but surely, Undisclosed Deux is taking shape.


Thanks to the powers of Comcast, I have seen Casino and Good-fellas a zillion
times. They say that Martin Scorsese made them both to be chapters after the
other story.

I had never been a Robert DeNiro fan but I have come to appreciate him through
these two movies.The fact that the writers have given some really witty dialogue
along the way of these two, well, it always kept me focused on the movies.
It’s one of those things when we take a picture of the both dogs, we both go
into the line of dialogue from Good-fellas where the mother has painted a picture
of a guy with two dogs in the boat, and each dog was facing the opposite way.
We chuckle when our girls go and strike the same pose.

Hopefully, when the Undisclosed Deux Location gets up and running, I’ll be
able to sit back with Jimmy and enjoy it again.

Sunday at the campground

It’s chilly out today and we all love it.

We’re picking out colors, walking dogs,listening to football,
and working on getting the house together. It’s a job! it’s
the first time we were ever in this situation. There is no
rest when you are sleeping,because you’re sleeping on color

Enjoy your day, no matter what. Be safe.

Anxious? Moi?

I finished making brownies last night for Jim to take to work.

Once I was done and upstairs. I made a mistake- I looked at Facebook.

A passing acquaintance of mine, who is a mutual friend of my buddy Kath who fostered my Zush, posted. Her old girl is hanging in, but soon to see the rainbow bridge.

It hit me. … hard… like a punch in the solar plexus. I’ve lived with Zush longer, and she’s a Golden retriever mix. Jen’s dog is a lab. It was the picture and post that got me. My chest got tight, I couldn’t breathe… I felt Jen’s sadness.

A good friend of mine threw the quote at me once that the problem with dogs were that their lives aren’t long enough.

In my humble opinion? How true! It makes me cherish my girls even more.