The Gluten-Free Birthday

Today is Jim’s birthday.

It’s the first year I haven’t made him a birthday cake, since I am honoring his gluten free life style.

Before I laid down for a nap he was going to make flax seed crackers. I woke up and he made himself ” cookies.”

They have flax seed, sesame seed, milk, vanilla, peanut butter and honey. They aren’t THAT bad but could have used more peanut butter, in my humble opinion.

So happy birthday to my ” gluten-free” Baker. I wonder what the next year of recipes will bring.

Baking again

I rearranged my new pantry today and as a result, I’m making cookies tonight to quiet my mind.After they are done, then I’ll sit and have a nice cup of tea.

I just didn’t make as many cookies as I intended do, as with bringing things down from the house, well, it takes time.So tonight I have a little bit of quiet time, so I have an Axis special on TV about the group Queen. Good music to bake by.

A quiet Saturday night with my family. ..All is good!