Pretty sad when you have cable with hundreds of stations and there’s nothing to watch that you feel is worthwhile.How many times can you watch the same movie over and over? Some of the shows are nothing more than glorified Jerry Springer.

I went low on the remote to a channel called Me TV. They play mostly reruns from 70’s and 80’s and right now I am watching M*A*S*H, which I used to love to watch with my folks. I had found this station when I found Columbo reruns, and was tickled pink.

Seriously though, what is it with cable programming? I guess I’d be better off looking for shows on Netflix or even You Tube to watch. It makes me sad, remembering basic television watching when I was younger. I mean, there is actually a station called Decades that plays show from the past and historical programming. For a former history major like me, it’s great. I mean, sure, I watch the Smithsonian and other channels, but paying all that money to Comcast, well, it’d be nice to get something worthwhile to watch.



I finally figured out why I like Law and Order Criminal Intent.


Part of the NBC Sunday night mysteries in the early seventies, the Columbo series, starring Peter Falk, later was picked up by ABC for a bit, and then was cancelled.

We just sat and watched an episode of Columbo,and Blythe Danner was one of the stars of the episode.For anyone not familiar with her, she is now known for her osteoporosis commercials and being Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother.

Anyway, the similarities between Columbo and Law and Order Criminal Intent are what struck me. The nuances in the plots are enough to make anyone’s grey cells work. Good story line, excellent acting…they just don’t make them like that anymore.



Once again, I found myself surfing the channels and saw movie after movie and then what did I see?

The Hallmark channel was running back to back Columbo episodes.

Gosh, I love Columbo.

For those of you not versed in NBC Sunday night mysteries, later on ABC, or weren’t around back then, well…Sunday night mysteries had different characters/series running each Sunday. One week was Columbo, a police detective starring Peter Falk. Another was McCloud, starring Dennis Weaver, followed by Banachek, played by George Peppard.Susan St.James and Rock Hudson played McMillan and wife.and lastly Jessica Walter as Amy Prentiss.It was basically whodunit Sunday, of which Columbo was my favorite. It wasn’t quite the golden age of television, but it was great.

Those were the days.