We Love Our Mailperson

..for Beth our Mailperson. Back in the city, our male Mailmen weren’t too nice to her. As a result she’d bark at them all the time. What a difference a small village makes.

Beth comes up slowly with the truck, especially in the summer, as she knows I have her out there. She goes slow so Kasia won’t get frightened. It’s really incredible. Before Beth comes to our house, she goes down a block on the other side of the street. Kas will bark once to let me know to get her ready. I bring her out and Beth rewards her with a biscuit.

Nice to have an animal friendly mail server! It’s deeply appreciated.


Beauty all around


This morning, while I was walking the girls, we walked down to the bay.It was a glorious day for it here, although the wind was blowing a bit.

While we were out, I stopped and looked out at the bay.We were at an area where there is a bench by the walkway so we sat down and took it the scene.Rather, I did,as the girls laid low and we happy laying in the grass.I took several deep breaths and knew. I knew the direction that I took when I retired was good.My life, for now, is somewhat peaceful and moving away from the city was the way to go. I always loved water, and as I looked out at the bay, I truly felt my soul at ease.

I knew I was home.

Stuck at the base camp …

…or should I say prison,because that is what my late mother’s house feels like. We have officially lost the undisclosed location that was for now.Demolition allegedly begins on Monday.
Jim can get more excited than I am, as this house is his baby.He deals with the builder, surveyor,etc. I am left sitting with the girls on the hot bleachers. Not very inspiring place to
be in.

Jim is taking advantage of being in the city by going to take the car for an oil change et al.The girls and I are going nuts pent-up in air struggling against the temperature and walking for potty breaks out in the blazing heat.Day number two of this is really not that fun.

The flip side is that I have been watching Yard Crashers on DIY network, and Jim and I are trying to get some ideas on somewhere down the line, landscaping the house, whenever it eventually gets done. Some of the ideas they show are a little much, but some might actually work for us.

It is very depressing for me right now, as I feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and I will be stuck here.I might even pass away in this prison.It is frustrating to see other people get there homes on the road and it seems that it is so-o-o drawn out.

Hard to keep the faith when you feel this bad, but we’ll see.

Be it ever so humble….

…After a two week jury hiatus, we’ll be heading off to “Undisclosed Location” tomorr0w: I can not wait.

The flowers I planted( yes, Shingleman, I know I shouldn’t have) are probably wilted, and the house hasn’t been open in two weeks, but right now, I am waiting for the “little piece of heaven.” Away from trials, the city, to where my girls can swim in the bay and probably Mommy too!

See you when we get back!