Just Singing in theRain

So after breakfast today, Greg and I took the girls for a walk. It was teeming rain, but you know that when a girl has to go….

So now we are back resting at the house. We need to go to Mass tonight and get ready for our neighbors’ Christmas party tonight.

After all, you must look your best for the party!

Merry Christmas to all

We actually socialized tonight with an old neighbor of ours tonight-we were invited to the family house for their Christmas party.

It is odd for us to actually be up at 11PM, without driving up from Undisclosed being involved. We have to get up tomorrow morning for Mass and then more festivities and missing people who aren’t here to celebrate Christmas with us anymore.Thank God for memories.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is merry and bright, or whatever seasonal holiday you might actually be celebrating.Be safe, enjoy the holiday and the folks you are with.

Be happy!



Every have a weekend where you know work will be quieter than your weekend?

This is that weekend.

We are going down the house to drop things over for workmen so they can install them while they are working.The weather is due to sour on Saturday, which is why we are coming up for Jim’s Christmas party from work Saturday night.Sunday finds us off to Lancaster.


Is it Monday yet?