Two Feet on the Floor

Normally Jim and I would have celebrated the Super Bowl at a party somewhere down here. This was not the case this year.

We both sound like we smoked Camel cigarettes all our lives, Jim more so than me. As I haven’t been working as of late, it’s probably school-borne bugs Jim is bringing home that are keeping us hacking. We finally we able to get some cough medicine in us last night for our first good night’s sleep in a week.

My nephew who studied meteorology says it’s because it wasn’t cold enough to kill all the bugs.

Guess I’ll be hoping for some long-john weather, so I can stop making chicken soup.


A Z pack later

For the first time since the end of February, I am home sick. Really sick.

I don’t know how this got to this point but I am glad I got the antibiotic and this morning I cooked up a pot of chicken soup for me so I have been nibbling on salty pretzel nuggets, Ritz crackers and chicken broth. Appetite isn’t really the issue.I am just sore as all hell from all this hacking.

One really weird thing was calling out sick.I actually miss the kids, knowing that they are probably responsible for my have come to understand the affection behind working with children. Hey, I remember some of the good teachers and nuns I have had.At the age of 46, I finally get it.

It is easy, too, because, I love my fur girls and the love there is unconditional.Granted the children affection isn’t unconditional, but the interaction is so nice.

Doctor’s order’s has me lying low over this weekend, so I hopefully will be back with the kiddos on Monday.

Long Weekend…

There is nothing like a weekend when you and your spouse are ill.

You never knew that you could possibly sleep as long as you do, and yet, you are literally down for the count, as it were. Then you have the question of what to eat. Our friend recommended more chicken soup, which there for a while, was a question if we ate it, could we keep it…hah, as if…

Our four-legged children are quite understanding getting out whenever we can get them out, and sleeping when we seem to either go down or nap.

The doctor’s office informed us that the waiting room was full of lower gastrointestinal and upper respiratory bugged folks.They kindly reinforced what we officially should do….

..if we only didn’t feel as though we were hit by a truck.

Cuddle up around the fire

…that is, if we had one here.

Jim brought Kasia’s bed downstairs so she could have something to cuddle up in: her belly fur is considerably thinner than Zosia’s. We put together some chicken soup last night that we tweaked up with extra veggies to make it a little more nourishing.

Tonight we’ll be juicing and finishing up the chicken, and I think there will be a bit of hot beverages sprinkled in for good measure. Our girls are in, and if you have fur kids, make sure they are protected from the cold. Cuddle up a little closer and just remember that…

160 days until summer!

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