Being Under the Weather.

It’s so funny, after looking at it in a certain way, when you are home sick and not working: you’re retired.

In the old days, you would call in for a sick day or two, stop to the doctor’s office, get treated for whatever ails you, and off you went on your way, skipping down the road, figuratively speaking, to being better.

New day, new way.

Now, when I go to the doctor, I am generally one of the youngest people there, as the “working people” get early in the day or late in the afternoon visits. When we first came down here, they used to be able to take blood samples from you while you are in the office being seen. HAH! Now, our practice moved their office and actually made it closer to our house. To have labs pulled, you merely walk outside the office to the other part of the building. I thought that was sweet, until they told me that now I have to go 10 miles away to LabCorp to have my blood drawn due to insurance.Talk about a slap in the face. That was nice while it lasted and I may be looking for a new doctor who is a bit more friendly for procedures for patients. I can’t complain about my past doctors and treatment, as it got me through three major and some minor cancers.

The thing I’ve decided is to work on getting healthier, so I can stay away from the doctor’s offices.

Makes sense to me!