Memorial Day Weekend

We are here at Undisclosed Deux, like that is some big surprise, right?

After two very long weeks at the city, we really felt weird coming down here because it was, although it was like our vacation, never mind the fact that it is our home. We have been working on the grounds, planting things we have nursed from the old house and kept in the sun in the city.Now, we have to figure out other essentials, like a shed for the tools, and colorful shrubs that will give a pop of color next to the house.

We gave ourselves a Sunday morning off, and plan to attend a 6PM Mass at the church we normally attend.We figured we never get a chance to get to that Mass so since we are still down here, why not?

The girls are resting after a nice family walk this morning under the ceiling fans, and what’s even more amazing is that chores are even more palatable down here…

Go figure! LOL


Why I am tired

It’s 12:07 am.
I am awake.
Jim is sleeping ,


After almost ten years of marriage, and despite the fact I am post-menopausal , have entered the no-man’s land of marriage….


We have joined the millions of couples who can’t agree on temperature .He is asleep, the ceiling fan is sputtering, since fans bother him, while I am watching QVC with the volume down,in a cotton nightgown, in flop sweat .

So I am going to go, take a cold shower, and an anti-histamine..

Morning comes awfully quickly.


Ah,sleep plus heat equals a 12:55am post


It’s going to be a long spring/summer.

The Shingleman is upstairs under a very gentle**read SLOW MOVING** ceiling fan asleep. Heat sucks.

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, only this year I am NOT at Mom’s,**sigh** but home, and am down in the living room because I am so warm. Yeah, cold/tepid shower, and add shot nerves into the equation, and your answer is me pecking away at this post downstairs while Shingleman is snoring gently upstairs with a pillow by his head to block the draft of the fan. Draft? HAH….try a trickle of warm air. The fact that, old softie that I am, I saw the clip of the dog hit by the car on the news, and as he lay dead on the highway, his canine buddy lay next to him and wouldn’t leave had me sobbing hysterically and taking five times longer to fall asleep.

I am starting to long for the days of being exhausted, showering, dropping into bed, and falling fast asleep. Uh, when was that?



It’s going to be THAT kind of day.

Good luck in yours.Hold a good thought for mine….