In my current quasi-tech boycott of sorts, I decided to bang my head on the wall, figuratively speaking.

What else would an old American Studies major with two diagnosed cataracts do? I decided, after hearing all the praise about the book that Lin-Manuel Miranda based the musical on, to give this biography a whirl. I also read on line other people in academia who reviewed and gave this book high praise. I figured why not?

I knew the story of Hamilton from my studies, in addition to my time as a park technician at Independence Historical National Park. It had been a while since I sunk my teeth into a book which, allegedly, is so well written. I want to see what all the praise is about. Granted, I had studied Hamilton almost forty years ago, and have seen enough of PBS’s documentary behind the musical, and sing loud and off-key with the soundtrack, but I don’t know. Maybe it was the proposal of actually reading and being away from devices that drew me too it. Maybe it was a concept of reading while I can before the cataracts get so bad.

I’ll keep you posted as to what comes first: me finishing the book or the cataracts having to come out.   

“Film at 11.”


I was told by my Ophthalmologist‎ last December that I had a cataract in my right eye that was there and will probably grow some. Oh great, I thought, Just what I need.

Jim and I had our yearly appointment today and I left shaking my head. It seems that now I have a sister growing for the right eye cataract, as one is starting in my left eye.


I’m not even 58 yet.

I remember, as a kid, grandparents and great grandparents getting cataract surgery. I really felt the moment of retirement.Here I am, avid writer and reader, and I have not one but two cataracts.

I think I am going to drink tonight. I mean, why not?

Not Knowing is the Worst

The Vet has said Zush has canine dementia. I think I have said it in the blog before. The vet would like to take a more of a homeopathic treatment option, which, unfortunately, doesn’t get here until tomorrow from Amazon.

Here’s a shot of Zosia going up the handicapped ramp. She is mobile, she’s eating and drinking. Hell, if you have the right thing in front of her, she’ll eat your fingers off if someone is holding food.

She is mobile but very vocal, and if I go next to her and sit with her, she quiets down a wee bit.

I know the cataracts are scary, and verbally all I can do is massage her with lavender to take some of the stress from her. When what the vet order arrives, I am sure I’ll learn it all new again.

The trick is to hold each second in my heart for eternity.

I love you Zush with the last “nth” of my being.

Caregiving for My Bestie

My heart is in my throat as I write this, as I know the road I am on.

I have been on this before, but for my parents. Now I am on this for my Zosia.

She has been doing ok, outside of me trying out different ways to get her medicine in her. Today was different:today she was whining. She has the cataracts, God willing next month she turns 15, and after reading a ton of stuff on line, I think she has the canine version of dementia. We have a vet visit scheduled, but, as I said, I know this road. I have been here before. Each time has taken a piece of my heart.

I am hanging in for Zush. She has been there for me from day one. I am blessed to have her in my life and will be with her for ALL of hers.