Happy Mother’s Day Weekend.

I miss my Mom.I miss her every day and this part of the year only accents the sadness of missing her.

My comfort is that I know she is in heaven.

I am celebrating this weekend with Jim,as my mother-in-law is 95 and we need to celebrate her.We are going to her house on Saturday so all the daughters who are grandmothers can spend Sunday with their kids. Jim’s sister, Kathy will join us on Sunday and we’ll take my mother-in-law to the casino.

I will be praying and remembering my Mom and Babcis this weekend, stopping at the cemetery.

To all of those celebrating, have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

Below is one of the last pictures I took of my Mom in 2011, while she was resting in her hospital bed.


Holiday lights

We went to Chester’s Harrahs’ casino with Jim’s family today, and we had fun.

Coming home to make sure Zush handled firework boomers well, well… there was no traffic out, really, except you know where~ the Schuykill expressway! Boathouse row was pretty, decked out in red,white and blue: just didn’t think we’d see so much red on the expressway** sarcasm **

Happy birthday America!