Stormy Weather

So while everyone else in the area had a zillion inches of snow, we had snow, but we had the extra added bonus of….


There’s nothing like being a baby boomer and waking up to realize how dependent you let yourself become on modern conveniences. The power out and you need that morning coffee? Oops, that Keurig isn’t running. Your stove? Electronic ignition. Fortunately, we had battery operated candles, thanks to my sister Julie,to accent our flashlights.

Here’s hoping to some smooth sailing ahead!

Dodging the bullet…

…for a day.

Or at least three-quarters of a day.

Looking at the television, and seeing snow in Philadelphia, New York and other spots, when it came time for me to walk the girls in the rain, I was a happy girl. I even managed to get over 18,000 steps in today on my Fit Bit zip.

Because? Yes, I know “it’s coming.”The barometric pressure is coming down.The girls have been walked to the point of exhaustion.I’m beat too. Worrying about if we are going to lose power when the wet snow brings wires down.Do we have candles and flashlights?The house has everything and all we have to do is wait.

Stay safe,friends,especially if in the snow zone.