Boomtown Rats….

…have the right idea-“I don’t like Mondays.”

Met my nephew Greg this morning and went to the train: there we found out the train is 10 minutes late. Greg, being an understanding guy, knew the 10 minutes translates into me catching 4:07 train home &4:40. He said go get the bus,Cioci.

Hopefully the day will improve!


Ah to be young…

We are anticipating the official “busy” season to jump today in the office, so as a result, I took the bus in.

While I was waiting for the bus, wearing the warmest hat I own, 2 pairs gloves,heavy coat and scarf, etc……I looked over to the guy standing next to me.
He was 25 if he was a day. Wearing…..a leather jacket.
No hat
No scarf.
No gloves.

His haircut was short and his ears were cherry red from the cold. Part of me felt bad for him: I would have offered him my scarf if I hadn’t made it myself. I had
thought that the vanities of youth will find him with a pretty bad cold. Nice to go clubbing with your friends, but maybe, just maybe, save $5 and buy a knit hat from the
street vendor.

It’s cheaper than Mucinex.

frozen ocean