Here a Downed Tree, There a Downed Tree….

…and you know the rest.


Power is back, and things are somewhat normal, but walking the girls through the area, I am saddened to see the amount of downed trees that have been so quickly sawed down and piled up to be carted away, if they aren’t already.

In a post from a while ago, I lamented the sale of a local piece of vacant ground that now has a house on it.I said in that post, they aren’t making virgin ground any more.It seems when I see the piles of wood stacked up, that I can see what is coming down the pike.


Ode to Vacant Ground


The above sold sign shows only the top, as I didn’t want to give the realtor any publicity or advertisement.

I always say that they are not making vacant ground any more.I was sad to see a little piece of ground here went to settlement today and now is officially sold.It is an odd size lot, and I met the owners today.They intend to build a raised rancher and a two car garage on currently**well, at least in summer** green lot.They told me they are going to try to save most of the trees there, and I would only hope they can. There are some beautiful oaks and mature holly trees on the land.

When we first moved part-time down here,we settled where we did due to the fact that it was a little bit like being in the mountains and you walk a few blocks to the bay.Now, another little corner of green is on its’ way out.The area by us, the next town down, has hardly any trees and it looks lie suburbia.The area has no character in it at all.

Here’s hoping that our little corner of the world stays that way-green!