Give me the youngsters…..

I had a culture shock today.

Third graders.


I forget that in this society that has spawned Kardashians, hair extensions, Botox, super jocks, that third graders are not immune to this.I worked a full day and tried to assist them as I caught their outfits,the athletic shoes, hell…part of me was looking for personal trainers.Don’t get me wrong: the teachers I worked with were all on the ball. It’s just that media really has sunken into the 8-10 year old minds.

I am looking forward to Tuesday when, hopefully, I’ll be back with the kindergarten gang, and,maybe, just for a heartbeat, life is just a little simpler. It won’t be for long, though, as I will be back in third grade on Wednesday.


I got home from work today and managed to get a good walk in with the girls at the tideline.The walk at the shore is good for my meditation and peace of mind. It was a gorgeous afternoon for me and the girls.



I am truly blessed!