State Bug of New Jersey and Wisconsin and…

..of course I am talking bout the mosquito.

Jim always seems to get chewed up.They seem to get him no matter what, and even though his best of intentions to wear long pants and long sleeves, he ends up scratching.

I have accepted the fact that mosquitos are here no matter what.I try to be wise about it and use homeopathic ways to prevent the bites and/or later treat them. I mea after 3+ cancers, how much poison do I need to throw on my body?

Unfortunately, the fact that I am writing this post means that, all of a sudden, the bugs have caught up to me and I am witch hazel-ing my bites to pieces.I have clear store versions of Caladryl and I am not beyond taking a Benadryl if I am really itchy.

Another reason why I can’t wait for October!



I was going to post last night, but I feebly wrist/wrestled with sleep.

Sleep won.

I had three good cups of coffee on Monday at work and a diet coke. When did this excess caffeine decide to bother me? Eleven at night Monday night.

Symptom? Itching…

I think I slept for fifteen minutes on the hour between eleven at night and four in the morning.

Watch out, world…I am rested today! Lol ;D