“Weighting” to be Kind


Finally, I am home. It was a good day which was busy. Busy is good. Busy equals movement which keeps my metabolism going. In short, it keeps my hand out of f the cookie jar…lol.

I am gradually adding a small amount of dried fruit to help keep me going. Today, I put some dried cranberries. I am conscious of sugar in dried fruit, and know too much is bad. It is just a little to add some flavor pops in my meal. I also have walnut halves to add some good fat into my diet.

The day, academically, was awesome. I try to be kind to the students, and I get good behavior in return.

I was a math teacher who additionally taught two classes to autistic students. It was great to see when I made some headway with them. The only lousy part about today? I slept poorly last night.

I have to work on that.


A Teacher’s Aide Lament

I realized something today. This job that I’ve been doing  for the last few months has made me feel one big thing.

All I do is a form of shouting, or raising my voice all day, and I am not to happy with that.

When I am in work, I speak normally as you normally would. Then you have to realize you are dealing with kindergarten boys with autism, so my voice gets up once in a while to get their attention.

I come home and normally call the girls a few times for walks, meals, whatever.When Jim gets home, well, let’s just say his hearing is selective.

Peace and quiet… I hope to meet you again some day.