Feeling It

My neighbor is 96 years old, and pretty much blind due to macular degeneration. He still goes and gets shots for it, and sits on top of the television to see Eagles and Phillies games, so maybe partially blind is a better term.

Anyway, when I am home I usually get their mail for them and walk it across the street. Today, he asked me, since it is just you and me, why don’t you tell me what’s going on. He told me the last few times I had been over, I sound like I have a lot going on.

Incredible, is what I thought. No one else would listen to my voice to hear my angst. I had a good talk with him, and came back home with some sage advice. I can only hope I am wise enough to follow it.


Is it November yet?

What was the old saying? These are the times that try men’s souls….. Or in this case, mine.

I truly believe that if God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it. So I have me faith on getting me through this change,successfully, and by His grace Jim, myself and the fur girls will make out ok.

Of course this weather is of no help,and the fact that Jim is running around like a madman makes me more nervous. Somehow sleep and a meal have lost meaning to him .i told him I want him around….

I have always hated drama and yet it’s amazing how life throws it at you. So on behalf of Jim, the fur girls and myself….keep the prayers and good karma going this way- it sure is needed