Bear with me gentle reader while I recap what has happened with this iPhone. I received the new one from Verizon and it was defective.So I went to Apple to order a new phone. I mean this was their brand new phone, let them replace it, right?

Got a new phone back, and then needed a Sim card that Verizon had to order and mail to me.Then I ordered a protective glass from a company on Amazon, which arrived broken.So what else can happen?

While trying to get ready for my company today, I threw a bath mat and some dirty clothes in the washer……ALONG WITH MY iPHONE.


Here’s hoping the back of rice works.

Decisions, decisions

I made the mistake of going on Amazon and other sites for a replacement hand mixer.


There are enough models and different types that made my head spin. What color do I want? What attachments. All I want is a good hand mixer.If I get one that lasts me at least another 10 years, well, that would be a plus.

I guess I am going to do some more detailed scouring for this, as I want to do this right.We’ll see and hopefully, I’ll have no baking on my agenda for the near future.