The 2000’s

I have been watching the series on the 2000’s that has been airing on the National Geographic channel. Sure, you’ve watched the ” I love the 70’s”, or 80’s thru 2000 on VH1, but this is more meatier and more from a historical view.

Some things are hard to see again, like the bombing of the USS Cole and 9/11, but at the same time, you had to see Gore versus Bush election 2000, with memories of hanging chads.I feel this series is pretty well put together, but occasionally there are things that are kind of bizarre.

For instance, Kelly from the first season of Survivor was on speaking about when she was in the show. They must not have gotten enough people to speak about 9/11, because they kept her around to talk about the attacks on the World Trade Center. Huh?

I am sure they will do more in this series, and if you enjoy looking back at history, you should give this series a go.

Superbowl Chill

One of the things that I always enjoyed in the Superbowl were the commercials. I mean, being from Philadelphia, I only remember my Eagles going once to the Superbowl, so basically I had no true root for any other team.

I read and then watched the one commercial that was making the rounds through Social Media this year: it was the commercial about “pizza delivery”.

The premise is the woman on the phone with 911 is making that she is calling for pizza, when in reality she is calling #911 trying to get help: obviously she is in an abusive domestic situation.

Superbowl is a few years younger than I am,yet when I saw this commercial, I thought how many women lost their lives to domestic abuse during the span of the Superbowl existence.How many women are still in an abusive domestic situation.Would this commercial help someone? I hope so.In light on the NFL players going through certain domestic issues this past season,I assume this is their way of trying to put another band-aid on the situation that came to light.

Whatever the case is,I am hoping that this commercial will get some folks to escape their situation and be brave.Here’s hoping they live to leave in one piece!


So I have been catching on the news the bits and pieces of stories of those who were directly
affected by the Boston bombing,and, as usual, the stories were all so sad…

But then again, so was 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Arizona, and I could go on and on…

One of my college professors was always bringing the quote out about “Those who forget history are
condemned to repeat it.” Actually it was Santayana who said…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

If only we all would remember.


Tomorrow is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11/2001.

It is truly a date that changed history, Once I got home, Mom and I met with our friend and neighbor, KJ, and we comforted each other and offered some prayers.

Before the day got terrible associations, two of my BFF’s , Juls and Kath, got married to their husbands, thirty and nineteen years ago respectively.

It is terrible to have to balance terrible historical events with happy times.

I love both Juls and Kath-they are the best! May they have many more happy years together with their spouses, and
wonderful memories to brighten their future. Both Shingleman and I , along with Kasia and Zush, send tons of love and hugs!


This is a shot of me and one of my BFF’s Juls. … Need a current shot of Kath