My pal Mr. Moon


Taking comfort where ever I can get it from, I met up with my old pal, Mr. Moon, this morning, as I walked up to the SEPTA bus from Mom’s.

I thought about something that is always there, in one way, shape or form. I thought about when my Philadelphia nephews were small, and it would be told to them by my brother, Bob, that the last quarter moon was the north wind’s cookie. The full moon was the cookie, and as the lunar cycle went on, it was the north wind taking bites of the cookie. It warmed me momentarily to go mentally back to that simple time.

The Creator sure knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he?


The Boss

That’s my Mom giving you the eye, er, rather, that is her normal trying to wake up pose post stroke.

We are asking for prayers this morning.

That’s all…just prayers.



No pictures today

My MacBook Pro and I are still in a honeymoon phase .

I have my iPhone attached and was trying to make an upload of a picture that was supposed to be the subject of this post. I sit here wondering where do I pull this picture

Anyway, as it is January and EVERYONE and their mother is doing calorie counting and every commercial on the face of the earth is diet related, I bit the bullet and bought us…chicken sausage. I saw it and said, hey, why not? So I bring home the said chicken sausage, prepared it on the grill, toasted the roll, only to have Jim say-“It looks like a hot dog.” Multiply that by a bazillion times while I was preparing it.Then I served it to him on a  roll, this was after he scouted the label out in the trash and, upon first bite, pronounced,” Tastes like a hotdog.”….


Hillshire farms, well, you heard it here first.

Oh well..I tried.


Warmth? Not today..

When the winds were whipping around this past week, hot coffee was especially welcome. Nothing like a little heat to warm the soul.

This morning, as of 9:18am, it’s forty out. Yup. 4-0…in January…so I am having a Kcup of pumpkin coffee, and taking my time to savor it. Big difference between holding the coffee as a heat source and just enjoying it.

Am thankful for a 40 degree morning, and a fabulous cup of coffee. Hopefully your morning is going just as well.


Truer words have never spoken…


This is a church message board in the vicinity of our “Undisclosed Location”.

I really can relate to this. Many times, after having opened my mouth and inserting foot, I would think of this statement. When I saw this I thought someone else goes through what I do. Then, after looking back on a 27 + year government career, how many times I wished people actually would THINK of this and that I would benefit from this…

Nonetheless, I came across this and thought it was worthy a post for the New Year. Here’s hoping you enjoy it and maybe this will bring a smile to you. Hopefully, someone will make a gift of this to you today.

The Devil Dog Saga continues…


This is my Devil dog, aka Kasia. (That’s Polish for Catherine)

You see in the picture she’s sitting in a dog bed. No, it’s not hers. It belongs to the twelve-year-old golden retriever we stayed with, whose name is Brinley. Truth be told, Brinley occasionally gets a chance to stay in her bed: her papillion sister and live in cat brother spend a lot of time there.

What’s funny is that Kasia and Zush HAVE no beds. They normally sleep with us in the bedroom, but I have a flat berber-type bed that is supposed to be for Zush; nine out of ten times, Kasia gets there first. So I compensate and make them soft beds out of afghan and blankets. After seeing Kasia in this bed though, and I mean she seemed to snuggle in there a lot, I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get the girl a bed. I know Murphy’s law then will be, if you buy it, she won’t come in it…

Stay tuned.

Hiking Boys and their fur children

The picture is of my Jim and our friend Tim- we were hiking at Boiling Springs, PA and the boys , along with our Zusher, age 10 and their Brinley, age 12, took a breather.

We are back after spending New Years with our friends in Carlisle,PA. Juls and Tim live on, what Jim and I affectionately call, March Mountain. Outside of a spectacular house and beautiful grounds, it was so heartwarming to see the pups having a wonderful time. Our Kasia girl was running with their papillion, Lily and smiling all the time. Their grounds are so expansive that the girls could just run and run without stopping. They were wiped out at night, so that was a good thing.

Now we’re back to reality, with my keurig just chugging along trying to keep me awake.

This will be a rough one: I’d sooner be home under the blankets…lol