Genevieve, meet Veronica

Three weeks ago, Jim and I were down at the ” Undisclosed Location”, and traveled to Our Lady Star of the Sea Church for Sunday morning Mass, as  we are known to do. It is a beautiful church from the 1800’s with a gorgeous marble altar.

A good friend of ours usually is in the pew before us with his Mom, and we sit with them.

After Mass, his Mom turned to me and hugged me and gave me condolences regarding my Mom, and I had said that I am short a Mom: she said she would be happy to fill in. We laughed, kissed and said good-bye.

My second mother was found unresponsive by her son last weekend, and rushed to an area hospital. The prognosis was not good, and I was feeling so bad for my buddy, for as the old saying goes, I had been there and done that.

As I got off the train this morning to come into work, I got a call on the cell. For a moment, I thought it was a caregiver checking in for my Mom and then realized those days were gone.

It was my friend, who told me of my “second” Mother’s passing early this morning.


I was fortunate, in that I got to know “Mother Genevieve:” over this past summer in particular, as she had been ill and needed communion and I am a Eucharistic minister for my church., so I was able to bring her or send her son a host to bring to her. She had lost her dog a year ago, and Jim and I would bring the girls over and she always got her dog fix when they came with us for a visit. She had come over to the “Undisclosed Location” with her son, and I am glad she made it over to see it. We saw her over at 5 guys, coming in to order a burger. We laughed, as I poked my belly and said something to the effect that you don’t want to end up like me. She laughed and said that they were so good, it was worth it

My “two” Moms are now together in heaven…boy am I in trouble now…, strike that: I know that I have two good women up there on my side. I’ll be sleeping well tonite.



Food Network Magazine, are you KIDDING me?

Oh yeah, dinners under 500 calories…great article for me, right? After all, I subscribe to their magazine….you know, the one that is screaming “The Chocolate Issue”!!!!

  • 50 Brownie recipes
  • chocolate chip cookies, chewy, crispy and more
  • win chocolate for a year
  • and, least I forget, chocolate covered EVERYTHING( like bacon,complete with a picture of chocolate covered bacon)…..

Now, I know I am a big girl and everything and you are not a light recipe magazine ( I mean, come on now, the new darling of the diabetics, Paula Deen and her Mile High Pie on the cover), but can’t there be a happy medium somewhere?

Just sayin’….

Another day

Off to the most scenic area of the city **read heavy sarcasm here**to perform my job. Fortunately I am going to be with my boss, as no one should be going through that part of the city solo.

The girls got a really good walk through the woods with Mom this morning, so hopefully they will be tired out until Daddy comes home later. Jim’s rash seems to have disappeared in the back, and the shingles are working their way  back down the food chain.

Here’s hoping that a page has truly turned and maybe the household will be going on an uptrend again,

Needing some loving today


Having a rough morning after a rough weekend at home. I can honestly say the highlight of my weekend was watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

I was going to upload a picture of the excederin bottle to really give you a picture of how the caregiver is feeling today, but figured I’d stay positive and show you Zush’s baby sister, Kasia, who usually gives me this look when I come in the door in the afternoon, alleviating any need for Excederin.

I love my girls!