If only

The increase of Jim’s medicine has not really kicked in yet. My morning was partially occupied with washing a load of towels, as hot showers seem to be the only relief he gets.

He did help me as I made chocolate covered pretzels this afternoon. I went with my buddies on our 4.2 mile walk this morning, and the girls are worn out from the walking we have done so far.

Now, if only Jim felt better…..



Greetings from an Undisclosed Location…

..Where, for the first time since Mom has left us, we’ll be down here for a three-day weekend.

It’s an odd feeling, knowing that we don’t have to rush back for the city on Sunday night, in anticipation of Monday. Don’t worry: there is plenty of sleep to catch up on, walking for the girls, wash to do, yarn to knit, and my walk with my neighbors to the ferry in back. There is actually anticipation of a snowfall on Sunday, which took me by surprise, as I saw the weather saying we were only due rain here at ” Undisclosed.” It just makes things interesting.

Here’s hoping you are lucky enough to have a three-day weekend and no matter what, you enjoy each day to the fullest.

Wish a shingle was only for a roof.

Jim’s shingles are a new experience which, quite frankly, I wish I never bought a ticket for.

I love my husband. Really.I do

Coming off of care giving for Mom, at least with Mom you could figure out how to make her comfortable. In a sense, it was basic care 101.

Shingles? Hah.

My friend Kate has been holding my hand through this and the doctor actually responded to me this morning but, **shaking my head** I just don’t know.It’s as though the Bermuda triangle has hit and we can’t seem to pull ourselves out of it. I know I can’t make his pain go away, but at the same time, I can’t seem to even help make him comfortable. It is a very frustrating situation that I find myself in. The doctor called with a basic increase in medicine this morning, and perhaps that’s the ticket. I hear from people who had relatives who had it and how badly the pain affected them and, quite frankly, I get scared. Cancer hits, you know you are losing control of your body.When possible, you do everything within your power to rid yourself of it. Dementia hits, the scariness is that your mind is going. Shingles, that damn dormant chicken pox virus, lies dormant, comes out with stress, bites you in the butt and seems to suck the life force out of you. It is truly an “E” ticket ride.

Me? Well, I’ll keep on keeping on, keep working the beads, and looking for only the “A” ticket rides.


February slump

I always loved winter:it was due, no doubt to my December birthday.

My buddy,Juls, from mid-state, is coming up on the anniversary of her Mom’s death. My Mom’s passing is fresh in my head. My buddy from the office just buried his Mom. All winter events…you can’t help when things happen and people pass.

There has been no big snow, things are hanging in, and unfortunately, I am finding myself in the midst of February blues. Jim having the shingles, no doubt, has not been a highlight here.

I had picked up three pots of old bulbs from my Mom’s front yard and the hyacinths are forcing their heads up, along with my tulips.

Come on spring!


Happy St. Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day!

Zush and Kasia had a good morning walk with their Mom. Kasia is out front standing guard and Zush is hanging with Mom until she leaves for work. I am savoring a good cup of coffee, and getting ready to leave.

If you are your own valentine, or have someone as a valentine- no matter what, savor the day! I even got my valentine some chocolate.( not that Jim will eat it around me)….

Enjoy the day!

…and if you happen to have a birthday today, like my friend Duch, more so the better.


Empty handed again, in a manner of speaking…

So whenever I get a chance to escape to “Undisclosed Location”, I usually pull my USB cord, which I use as a phone charger,in the office. Over the weekend, I optimistically take it with me, thinking I am going to upload stuff from phone to laptop.

Well, guess what is not in my bag this morning, but home on my dining room table? You have it, my USB cord.

So here’s a heads up to all my words with friends associates, and others: pardon me if I might actually use my phone as a phone today. I might not be as speedy as you wish with opposing words on the game board. I do think that the actual phone usage might be a little more important. I promise you, I will charge up as soon as I get home….